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Irresistible You

Did you ever sit in class as a child, looking out the window and daydreaming about travel to faraway places, or perhaps the softball game you'd be in that afternoon? The teacher probably scolded you for wasting time, and brought your attention back to the class.

But in fact, you were following a very important universal law, called the Law of Attraction. The basis of the Law of Attraction is that what we put our attention on increases, and what we take our attention from withers and dies.

In the excellent book, Ask And It Is Given, Abraham channeled through Esther Hicks describes it like a radio transmitting station. Whatever frequency you are tuned into is what you will attract. If you are tuned into the frequency for "93.1" you will not be able to receive "104." Thus the quickest way to achieve happiness is to feel happy as much as you can, and thus align yourself with that vibration to attract more of it.

This goes against what we often do in our daily lives: Focus on everything we don't like, and complain about it. Yet complaining actually attracts more of what we don't want, by putting our attention on it.

In his book, Law of Attraction, How to Attract More of What You Want, and Less of What You Don't, author Micheal Losier expands on this principle. There is a good reason to focus on what we don't want, at least momentarily. He calls it "contrasts." Once we clarify what we don't want, we can immediately follow up with, "So what do I want?" Then we go on a rampage about exactly what we want to have in our lives.

Not only does this help us get very clear about what we do want, it also takes our energy up several notches from where it was while we were complaining.

For example, say that you are very happy with your family life, your home, and your fitness level, but you are unhappy about your job. First you need to ask, "What exactly is it that I don't like about my current job?" You might say, "the long hours, the distance from my home, the pay is bad, there are no benefits, the customers are rude, and my co-workers are negative."

So what do you want? Possibly a job that is close to home, with positive coworkers, good pay and benefits, and customers who appreciate your service. Now you have not only identified the specific things you do want, but you have also raised your vibration to a higher frequency.

In Losier's 3-step process to accessing the Law of Attraction, you first identify what you want, then raise your vibration, and finally you allow it into your life. The allowing is really the biggest part of the Law of Attraction.

It's pretty easy for most of us to think about what we want, and it's even fairly easy to fantasize about having it (this is what we did back in school, when we were looking out the window daydreaming).

The challenge is what happens after that. That's where the self-doubt kicks in to block our receiving. "I couldn't do that, I'm not smart enough, young enough, old enough, etc." And this is where we can utilize specific tools to open ourselves to receive.

Say for example that you want to attract your ideal mate, but you are afraid that because you are 50, you are too old. Losier suggests that we ask, "Is there anyone else on the planet who is attracting their ideal mate at 50?" Then we begin to look around for others who, at 50, are meeting their ideal mate. And we find, there are hundreds of people over 50 who are connecting with their ideal mate right now, there are thousands of people over 50 who will be entering into relationships with their ideal mate over the next year, and so forth.

In effect, we are showing ourselves that it's POSSIBLE for our desire to occur. Once we do this, we begin to look around for evidence that the Law is working in our own lives. We may find that people are beginning to hold the door for us, or to flirt with us, and so on. We write this down, and celebrate each thing that demonstrates the Law is working for us!

In short, based on our own empirical research we begin to build a case for our desire, why it is possible and find evidence that it is already happening in our lives. As we do so, we increase our vibration to match our desire, and soon we have lined up our energy to match the object of our desire.

As we move along in the process, we congratulate ourselves by saying things such as "I'm lining up my energy. I'm really getting good! I love knowing that the Law of Attraction is working in this very moment to line up my energy with what I desire."

All of these statements are true in the moment, so we don't experience the dissonance we sometimes feel when we make a declaration that is not currently a reality. This eases us into the new state of being.

If we still hear that little voice telling us, "You haven't attracted your ideal mate yet. It's not working." We can respond, "I'm in the process. Lots can happen."

And it's true. We are always in the process, and lots CAN happen. Even if we have desired something for many years without success, the point of power is in the present moment. Once we begin to approach the object of our desire with this systematic approach, we can remove the blocks that stand in the way.

There is no question that the Law of Attraction works. A friend of mine tried unsuccessfully for years to have a child. Finally, she began to visualize herself with her new baby, before the end of that year. Last December, she gave birth to the gorgeous baby girl she had always wanted.

I used to long for a practice where I could help people on a holistic level, addressing the whole person, not just their legal needs. I made a decision to act in alignment with my beliefs, and began to practice "as if" it were true. My law practice flourished and enables me to serve many clients who benefit from my holistic approach, while our legal website helps almost ten thousand people a week nationwide.

Conversely, by focusing on what you don't want you attract more of it, too. If you focus on rude people or bad drivers, isn't it true that you just get more and more of them? Do you want more money, or more bills? Think about it.

So my advice is to return to your childhood daydreams. Clarify what you want, and think about how wonderful having it will be. Don't worry about the "how." Begin looking for evidence that you are already attracting what you want right now. The Law of Attraction in your life is irresistible. Make it work, for YOU!

If we choose instead to see our falls as an opportunity, as motivation, we can move on to heights we never dreamed possible. We need to realize that our life is not just about us. We need to start thinking big and stop playing small. As the New Year begins decide to find out how you fit into the Big Picture and accept our so-called problems along the way. Then you too will become indestructible.

Mindy L. Hitchcock