Answer to An Age Old Problem

FTP = Divorce Done Right!

The Family Transition Plan("FTP") streamlines the process, to get you through your divorce as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Hi, I'm Mindy Hitchcock, founder of Lady4Justice PLLC.  I'm an attorney as well as a mediator.  I've been practicing law for 29 years, and I have done divorce in every conceivable way.  The traditional approach (two lawyers battling it outright through the trial), the traditional mediation (two lawyers with clients battling it out at the mediator's office), the collaborative approach, the cooperative approach, the one lawyer divorce - you name it.  And what I have found is that, for people capable of communicating with each other and willing to cooperate, the approach I use in the Family Transition Plan works the best, at the lowest cost, with the highest likelihood of remaining on good terms after the divorce.

I don't care how much money you have - no one wants to spend a lot of money on lawyers.  You need to be willing to pay enough for good representation, but as far as spending money for a major battle ending in a bitter, hard-fought trial, well, that is just money down the drain as far as I'm concerned, with very rare exceptions.  Worst of all, after a big court battle, you both are so polarized and hate each other so much that you may spend the next few years (or more!) trying to convince the kids that you are the "good guy" and your spouse, the "bad guy."  Which is a huge mistake, because that really hurts your kids.

I've also talked to couples who have the maturity to mediate all of their issues and reach a resolution without lawyers, only to be told by the mediator that they both need to hire attorneys to put into legal form the agreement they just reached.  That doesn't make much sense either.

Here is what I've learned from my three decades of practicing law:

1.  The longer a case drags on, the more fear/anger each spouse feels towards the other.

2.  The more money each spouse spends on their attorney, the more resentment they generally feel towards their spouse - and often their attorney!

3.  When divorcing couples with children can focus on the best interest of their kids, instead of their own personal grievances, they reach better solutions and are happier in the end.

4.  When divorcing couples without minor children can leave the emotional baggage behind, they reach better solutions and are more successful in their new relationships.

So I created a unique approach to address all of these problems.  It starts with a flat fee - eliminating the stress of a monthly attorney bill - and includes 3 Components:

  • Mediation - 6 hours total, used in 2-hour blocks.  Most mediations start when they start and continue until someone gives up.  The result is often poor decisions, made in desperation to leave.  I believe people should be fresh and alert when they resolve their life's major issues.
  • Document Preparation - all the documents you need, from beginning to end (except for the qualified domestic relations orders, needed to disburse retirement benefits.  We use a third-party expert to prepare these, also for a flat fee).
  • Court Attendance - on that final day when you go to court to officially put your judgment on the record, we will be there with you to help you do it right.

In short, I have created the most stress-free approach to divorce that is available in Michigan today.  Because it's a lot easier to end it with love when you aren't feeling angry or scared.  Want to know more?  Email us for a complimentary consultation.  The Family Transition Plan.  It's what your family needs to move to your new happy place.