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Lady4Justice PLLC is a premier Michigan Family Law Firm with over 32 years of combined experience, practicing in all major counties in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Lady4Justice was recently recognized by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys as one of 10 the Best Law Firms nationwide for client satisfaction. Please type your questions in the search box at the top right hand corner.

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How is child support calculated in Michigan?

Michigan has Child Support Guidelines which consider both parent's incomes, the number of children involved, and various custodial arrangements, such as "primary custody" and "joint/shared...

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Factors A Court Looks At When Deciding Child Custody

What is in the "best interests of the child?" The Child Custody Act provides that custody of a child is to be determined by the "best interests of the child" standard which means the sum total...

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The Seven Rules of Alimony Deduction

Sometimes the IRS allows a deduction for alimony payments. It is granted in part because the recipient is taxed on alimony. The two parties end up paying less in taxes overall because the...

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